You correctly park your vehicle, return a few days later and find out that your vehicle has disappeared. However, now there is a ‘No Stopping and Parking’ sign in its place. Administrative proceedings are initiated against you on grounds of infringement of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO), and you have been invoiced for the expenses for towing off your vehicle?

I advise you and represent you at the competent authorities; as parking the car was initially permitted, the proceedings will have to be discontinued and the authorities will have to refrain from asking you to pay the prescribed costs.

You receive a notice requesting your justification following an unjustified complaint of a neighbour who claims that you caused “improper and disturbing noise”?

I discuss the situation with you, assess the evidence at hand, provide the required justification and conduct the discontinuation of proceedings.

There is a beautiful, large tree in your garden in Vienna; however, its roots are about to crack the wall of your house? You intend to cut down the tree?

In order to avoid administrative proceedings, I inform you in detail about the tree conservation regulations of Vienna and particularly about the obligatory authorisation of your project. I also discuss possible consequences as regards planting a replacement or a countervailing charge.