You would like to make provisions during your lifetime for proper devolution of property and make sure family disputes concerning the inheritance are avoided?

I give you detailed advice on the formal and actual options of drafting a last will. I execute the will and deposit it. Through registration of your will in the public testament record, I make sure that your will as the testator will get through.

By chance you find out about the death of one of your parents, who you have not been in contact with for years? By will all the property of your parent has been left to a third party; now you would like to know whether you have a claim to the deceased’s estate or against the heirs? You can at least claim the compulsory proportion!

I will inform you in detail about the amount, calculation and limitation of the right to a compulsory portion. If necessary, I will enforce your claim in court.

You are a testamentary heir, but a legal heir (e.g. the testator’s child) claims the will to be ineffective on grounds of a lack of testamentary capacity of the testator at the time of making the will?

I advise you and represent you in the dispute on the right to inherit.