You would like to purchase a freehold flat or a single family house?

I offer comprehensive advice to safeguard your interests focusing particularly on regulations included in the contract. The contract is exclusively handled in a fiduciary manner via the ‘Elektronische Anwaltliche Treuhandbuch (eATHB)’ (electronic lawyer’s trust register) supervised by the Chamber of Lawyers. I arrange for the entry of the purchase contract into the land register, which is necessary for the acquisition of ownership.

You are planning to acquire undeveloped land to build a single family home or a business establishment?

I check to what extent construction is possible and permitted according to the regional development and zoning plan. I conduct negotiations with the respective competent authorities. Should it prove necessary, I inform you about any possible risk of contamination (e.g. contamination with industrial waste) and ensure that risks can be minimised through the wording of the purchase contract.

You are a minority proprietor of an apartment house, would like to terminate the co-ownership, but the majority proprietor is not willing to purchase your share on fair terms?

I advise you on possibilities to terminate the co-ownership and conduct action for a partition, should it be necessary.