You are a tenant; your bill of operating costs raises more questions than it contains answers?
I analyse your bill of operating costs..

You are a tenant and consider the amount of rent excessive?
I conduct an overall examination and, should it be necessary, I arrange for an official or judicial rent review.

You are a tenant and have paid property investment costs to the previous tenant?
I clarify the permissibility of property investment costs and inform you whether a claim for return of said fees can be filed. I will institute proceedings, should the situation arise.

You are a landlord; your tenant is in considerable arrears with his/her rent, does not pay regularly and keeps coming up with excuses.
I institute legal proceedings for the arrears of rent as well as the dispossession of the defaulting tenant.

You are a landlord and would like to let a flat for a limited period of time!?
I inform you about the permitted and required (minimum) time limitations of the lease, so as to prevent an unwanted open-end lease, and I make sure the wording of your lease guarantees optimal protection of your interests as a landlord.

You are a landlord and need the flat to fulfil a family member’s need of proper accommodation?
I inform you about the enforceability of a termination of the lease and initiate the legal termination of the lease.