You are a flat owner, have purchased the adjacent flat and would now like to build a connection between the flats!? Or you would like to convert the flat roof above your property into a roof garden!?

I inform you whether your plans are permissible by law and point out possible objections of the other owners and initiate the proceedings to enforce your project, should it be necessary.

In the residents’ meeting the flat owners have made an agreement which poses a financial burden for you!? However, you are of the opinion that the residents’ meeting was not duly called or that the decision was made illegally!?

I explain the options of avoidance to you and, if necessary, will initiate a judicial review.

You are the owner of property on the ground floor, so it is not feasible for you to use the lift. However, you are still contractually obliged to bear your share of the total cost of lift maintenance!?

I inform you about the possibility of legal determination of a different apportionment of these expenses and initiate proceedings at the competent district court.